Wine Time

This post is for all you 21 year olds who love wine! Wineries are a perfect place to show off your cutest outfits. Depending on the season outfits may vary. Most people don’t go to wineries in the winter unless it is inside but wineries are more a warm and outdoor activity. Wineries can really prove to someone just how fashionable you really are!


If you’re going to a winery in the fall time this is the perfect weather to wear your style and of course….floppy hats! Floppy hats are my favorite for wineries, and you can wear them with almost every outfit. During the fall I would wear a nice dress with tall boots and a scarf. Stray away from bright colors but go for more of the neutral and fall colors. If you do not want to wear a dress I would wear jeans with booties or riding boots. With jeans the perfect top would a light sweater, turtle neck or a flannel. Also another favorite of mine is a sweater dress with knee-high boots, its super comfy and totally fashionable.

Its time to break out the rompers, maxi dresses and jumpers for a little summertime winery evening! You could also wear floppy hats during this time too but since its normally hot outside a hat might be a little too toasty for your liking. I would say maxi dresses are my ultimate favorite for a winery during the summer because many maxi dresses can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the winery. Most people go to wineries in the evening and in the summer it can’t pretty cool towards the of the day so having your legs covered is probably a plus! If you were to go to a winery during the day a romper would be best since it is hot outside. I would still say stick to more neutral colors but since it is summer time you could get away brighter colors. Shoes wise, I would go with a small wedge or any cute sandal to compliment your outfit. Do not go with a heel because a lot of the time wineries are in the grass and if you have heels on you will sink into the grass!

Since you will wear one of your best outfits going to a winery don’t forget to take lots of pictures with the beautiful scenery and to show of your outfit to everyone!



And so The Adventure Begins

Woo hoo you did it, now its time to go out into the real world. It is that time of year again…..graduation! But before graduating you of course need THE perfect white dress right? Even after you receive your diploma you still need ANOTHER outfit to complete the best day of your life. As you can tell this is all about graduation dresses and after party dresses. 10435129_10202381582208103_5465441052407574280_n

First things first it most likely is going to be white, off white or even cream is acceptable but I would personally go with plain white. Cocktail dresses and mid calf dresses are your best friend during this special day. Maxi dresses are not the right attire for this, nor a two piece. I would normally not approve of a mid calf dress in previous years, but since they are in style right now, it would definitely be very fashionable! Graduation dresses should be more on the conservative side, no strap less or low-cut dresses. When you think of graduation attire think sundress….but a little nicer. Remember, your parents and grandparents are going to be there.

Now, lets talk where to buy. Since I am only a junior in college and expecting to graduate next spring (yay) I have only formally graduated from highschool. I got my highschool graduation dress from BCBG. I know that may sound expensive but I didn’t directly buy it from their website or store I got it through Lord and Taylor. Most people are willing to spend a little more on graduation dresses than any other dress during this time so definitely set some money aside! Nordstrom and South Moon Under also are great places to look as well. I recently came across a website called Missguided USA, which has super cute dresses and for great prices!

For after party dress the same rules apply as above about being more conservative. However, you could wear a cute jumper, maxi dress, romper, or plain sun dress. Since it’s not too hot outside I would personally wear a maxi dress. You can find any of this at your favorite store.

Onto my favorite part, shoes! For actual graduation I would wear a small wedge or heel because you are walking and do not want to fall (that wouldn’t be too good). Since white is the color of the dress I would wear a tan or brown shoe. I’m not a big fan of colored shoes UNLESS they aren’t tacky. For the graduation party I would just wear your favorite sandals because you most likely are going to be walking around and speaking to all of your friends and family.

Good luck in the real world!

Meet The Parents

For all you almost taken girls out there, this blog post is for you! The most nerve racking part of a relationship is meeting the parents. It can be hard trying to figure out an outfit when first meeting his parents. Well this post will help guide you in the right direction of what to wear.


The most safe way to go in being more conservative than not.

  • No low cut tops
  • Dresses and skirts must go to the knee
  • Jewelry must be minimal
  • Nothing too tight

Do not show up wearing leggings or sweatpants, or something you slept in….obviously! I would also stray away from workout clothes as well. Do not dress up too much unless it’s for the right occasion. Think of this as an interview almost, just with a spin off of a little of your own style. Also wear nice colors, nothing too boring or all black.

Winter: Leggings are okay here, but still not ideal. Jeans are best with a nice sweater and boots. A scarf can be added also too make the outfit more conservative and even too make it less boring.


Spring: Sundress with wedges or low heels. If the sundress is strapless or spaghetti strapped I would pair it with a light sweater. A skirt with a tucked in blouse is good as well.

Summer: The hardest season has to be summer because all you want to do is basically wear nothing because it’s so hot outside! So for summer I think appropriate length shorts okay (you can find these at Jcrew or Loft). Since it is hot out a tank top is acceptable if the strap it at least two fingers wide. If not shorts than a sundress is great!

Fall: Fall is the easiest! Capris with a cute top and sandals or even a dress with tall boots is super cute. Scarfs can be added in here also.

When meeting his parents you don’t want to look like a try hard or a grandma either. Just be mindful of how you presenting yourself. Of course be yourself but don’t be too revealing…this isn’t a night out on the town! As the months go on and hopefully you will get to meet the parents again, its okay to loosen up and get a feel of how they are. The first time should always be conservative.

Bad and Boujee

You guessed it this is all about runway fashion! New York fashion week is where you will find most of the runway styles. This years New York fashion week was held on February 9th and ended on February 16th. Fashion week is also held in London, Milan, and Paris. Fashion is where you will find the baddest and boujeest clothing of them all. Runway brands are top-notch and most people will buy similar clothing because they are out of most college kids price range. The most popular brands are Louis Vuitton, Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Dior, Michael Kors, Gucci, Topshop, Prada, Valentino, and Burberry. These brands show off their high quality clothing, jewelry, purses and shoes. Fashion week is the beginning to what is going to be in style for that year.

When I watch the runway or normally look at the purses and jewelry, because a lot of the time the clothing is out of the ordinary. This years fashion week had many chokers, statement necklaces and bracelets, and hoop earrings. The purses and crossbodies were embroider and many designs like flowers on them. Personally I love to buy my purses and corssbodies through brands like Rebecca Minkof, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and Kate Spade.

Many people will buy runway fashion at places like Forever 21, since you can’t even buy the clothing till after stores buy them first. That is the whole point of a fashion anyways! This years clothing was filled with sheer pieces and flower embroidery. Also this year we saw a lot of black and white clothing.


OMG shoes!

As most of you can guess this post is all about shoes! I’m a pretty big shoe fanatic so I’m super excited to share with you guys by favorite brands and styles.

I want to start off with my ultimate favorite shoe brand which is Steve Madden. Steve Madden makes high quality shoes that stand out. Every pair of Steve Madden shoes I own are still in good condition even after several years of wear. Every time I wear Steve Madden shoes people know that they are Steve Madden because of the way they are made….with high quality!

For summertime I prefer gladiators, flip-flops, sandal thongs, and wedges. Gladiators I would prefer to buy through Steve Madden and Sam Edelman, same goes for sandal thongs. Flip-flop brands I love are Tory Burch and Rainbow, they are the most comfortable and durable especially for the pool and beach. Wedges again, I would go with Steve Madden because as a college student I wear wedges a lot and Steve Madden is the best lasting.

For fall I love wearing riding boots, knee high boots, and slip on vans. Riding boots I tend to buy from Steve Madden and Nine West. I bought my first pair of knee high boots this year both in black and chestnut. Vince Camuto is the brand for both of them and they rock! They do not fall down and are extremely comfy. Slip on vans can be bought at the vans store for any causal occasion. They come in many different styles and colors to match any casual outfit!

For winter Sorel boots keep you warm on the coldest days! If you live somewhere snowy then Sorel boots would be a good investment. I would even add in the occasional Ugg as well, but never to go out in but just for a casual day or to wear around the house.


Most of these brands can be directly bought from their websites but I would prefer to look at an outlet first. The Steve Madden outlet has amazing deals, I’ve never left paying for shoes more than $30. Another great place to look would be at Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdales sale, and DSW. I never fail to find a great deal and leaving with a new pair of cute new shoes!



You ALMOST got the job

Ahhh it’s that time of year where seniors are scrambling to get a job after college! Well this blog will help you step up your game. Most college kids do not know how to properly dress for an interview so here are a few tips!

  • Business professional (just to be safe)
  • Pant suit (that is fitted correctly): Navy, charcoal, black
  • Skirt should be below knees with pantyhose
  • No bulky jewelery, should be conservative
  • Close toe shoes, heels are okay if they are low (make sure they are comfy)
  • No crazy colors
  • Hair should be done and even pulled back
  • No revealing tops
  • Top with a nice blazer
  • All clothes should fit comfortably (not too tight and not too loose)
  • No perfume
  • Cover all tattoos and/or take out piercings


After you get the job (hopefully), be sure to look the part. Determine the dress code in advance, is it casual, business casual, or business professional. I would start out dressing business professional until you get a feel of the offices attire, especially for summer time. If you get a job in the summer and you’re wearing a dress be sure to wear a sweater if your shoulders are being revealed. Stray away from open toes shoes unless you see others doing so. Also dresses and skirts should be an appropriate length.

  • Casual
    • Jeans
    •  Casual tops no t-shirt
    • Open toe shoes
  • Business casual
    • No jeans
    • close toe
    • sweaters/nicer tops
  • Business professional
    • pant suits or skirts
    • most likely to wear appropriate heels

While in the interview you should always bring a brief case carrying several resumes and your portfolio. The brief case should be a normal size, not too big and not too small. The brief case should match your outfit and again not be a ridiculous color. While in the interview you want to sell who you are not be judged by what you’re wearing if it is not appropriate. In an interview you want your outfits to be more bland than outgoing so the interviewer does not get distracted.


“Dress like the VP’s and become one faster”


Now Sweat it Out

If you’re one to workout then this is the perfect blog post for you! I recently have been really into running, not like crazy marathons are anything but just your average run on the treadmill or outside when it is nice. You can get workout gear pretty much everywhere but I prefer you typical brands like Nike, Adidas, Lu Lu Lemon, etc. I would stray away from work out gear that isn’t brand name just because it is probably not good material. I know some of these are more on the expensive side, but trust me I have never paid more than $30 for Nike leggings or running shorts.

Alright lets talk about my favorite…workout leggings. I don’t just wear workout leggings to workout I can wear them day-to-day, which makes spending the money a little less painful! The fun thing about workout leggings is that they come in many different patterns and colors which makes working out more enjoyable. Recently, there have been many leggings with cut out and even lace up leggings which are super cute. If you are into yoga then Lu Lu Lemon and Athletica are the places for you. Lu Lu Lemon is notorious for its exotic leggings. During the winter holidays I got a Fabletics workout outfit that I am obsessed with. The Fabletics leggings and tank are super comfy and I got many compliments on it! To pair with any legging I like to wear a tank or shirt or depending on the season a tight fit quarter zip.

Running shorts are my life in the spring and summer, they’re super comfy and easy to wear. Most of my running shorts are from Nike, but recently I bought two pairs of Lu Lu Lemon shorts which im super excited about. A friend of mine told me how much she liked Lu Lu Lemon so I decided to purchase some…..of course on sale though! As I said previously, even the shorts come in crazy colors and patterns. I would suggest just a loose fitting T-shirt or tank to pair with shorts.

I do have a shoe problem, so running shoes are my everything. Considering I am in college I mostly only wear running shoes during the week. I am a huge fan of Nike so all of my running shoes are Nike. I prefer getting a basic black pair of running shoes and then gradually move up to white, pink, or any fun colors! Black matches with almost everything. If you want to be comfortable during your workout I know Asics are great for your feet.

Dont think workout gear doesn’t involve accessories, because you’re wrong! I get all my headbands from Lu Lu Lemon to keep my hair back when I workout. They come in crazy color and patters, which I love. The headbands are expensive but work! Also I know many people love wearing hats when they work out, so your favorite hat will do just fine. I like the Nike hats just becuase the material is good. Also love getting my sports bras from Target and Nike!